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Maximum Earning Potential as a Freelance Writer

Are you a talented writer with extraordinary creative and technical skills looking for an opportunity to earn a handsome income? As one of the most trusted academic writing companies on the Internet, Hardy Writers has ample freelance writing opportunities year round. We are always looking for qualified writers to join our professional custom writing team.
Hardy Writers is a Great Opportunity For:

  • Writers looking to supplement their income.
  • The stay at home mom or dad looking to use their talents to earn a paycheck.
  • Steady and dependable income earned around your own schedule.
  • Freedom to work as little or as much as you want. It’s your choice!

Employment Benefits:

  • Work from any location: work from home and even while you are traveling!
  • Unlimited earning potential: as a reputable custom writing service provider we always have orders that need to be fulfilled. There is unlimited opportunity to earn a significant income.
  • Competitive wages: as a member of the Hardy Writers staff you will earn a competitive rate per page. Ultimately the larger the assignment, the higher your pay.
  • Set your schedule: once you are hired, you get to decide when you work. We allow our writers free reign in selecting their assignments from our large pool of custom orders.
  • Take control: as a freelance writer, essentially you are your own boss. You select your projects based on your own schedule and desire to work.
  • Recognition: at Hardy Writers we recognize that our writers are our most valuable asset. When you succeed, we succeed!

The Demand for Custom Writing Services is Exponential
Now more than ever, the world understands the importance of higher education. The number of colleges and universities around the world are increasing in number on an annual basis. Subsequently, the number of students is increasing as well. These students often find it hard to juggle their academic commitments with their other non academic  obligations. The number of potential essay writing jobs for third-party writers is increasing exponentially on a daily basis. Through technological advancements and the introduction of online communication, essay writing services have now become an internationally recognized industry. We need quality writers to meet the growing demands of our clients.
Why Hardy Writers
At Hardy Writers, we recognize that there are many companies out there claiming to offer reliable custom writing services. Unfortunately, many of these organizations pay their writers below industry average wages. If this weren’t bad enough, many of these companies are phony and seek to take advantage of unsuspecting freelance writers.
The professionals at Handy Writers provide an established, reputable source for freelance writers to find work. Writing does not have to be your hobby. Put your skills to work and earn a great income! Apply to the Hardy Writers team to start earning from your talent today!
“Online jobs are ideal for those hardy individuals, those who are inured to fatigue and can swap between their regular jobs and part time work. In the World Wide Web, one can decide to work during the day or night, on sacred days, on holidays. You can defy physical boundaries and serve clients from any part of the world from the comforts of your home. In the virtual world, we are just citizens of an e-ecosystem, where everyone is free to work at their pace. It is this pace that determines one’s wages. There are no minimum or maximum wage. The choice and potential to earn is completely up to you!” {Bonnie, Quality Assurance Officer, at hardywriters.com}
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Upon verification by our HR dept, you will see all the available orders for hire and their high wages! You may then start writing immediately from your home and at your convenience.
Remember, you are the manager of your salary: the more you write the higher your paycheck!

  • Consistent work!
  • Timely payments!
  • Unlimited earning potential!

What more could a writer ask for? Apply today to start earning from your talents!