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Once your account is activated, select the projects that are suited to your skills and experiences. We have various categories, covering all different academic levels. If at any time you run into difficulty on your chosen assignment, just contact our customer support team by opening a help ticket or chatting in the Hardy Writers chat forum.
Assignment Types:
As a member of the Hardy Writers team, you will have free access to a variety of different jobs, across many fields of study. We categorize our assignments into three categories:

  • Custom writing services (developing content from scratch).
  • Editing services (proofreading and editing completed assignments).
  • Paraphrasing tasks.

Upon verification by our HR dept, you will see all the available orders for hire and their high wages. You may then start writing immediately from your home and at your convenience. Remember, you are the manager of your salary: the more you write, the higher your paycheck!

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