Plagiarism and Grammar Mistakes

All papers will be checked for grammar errors and plagiarism.

If your paper is plagiarized and you will be requested to revise. Note that any plagiarized paper is fined USD 23.5 to cater for the cost of buying the plagiarism reports.

You will be given the plagiarism report with highlighted text. What does the highlighted text mean? The yellow/light green highlighted text shows content that matches other books and sources online meaning you copied and pasted or you did not sufficiently paraphrase. In that case you will be required to paraphrase again or delete those affected sentences and rewrite them in your words.

If your paper contains grammar mistakes, these are marked in purple text and should be corrected. Remember that about 5 – 10 marks in any paper are deducted for grammar mistakes so it is very critical to make sure that your paper is free from grammar errors.